Exposing the Bullshido Training Methods of Diego Sanchez ex Guru Joshua Fabia

Exposing the Bullshido Training Methods of Diego Sanchez ex Guru Joshua Fabia

Some of the martial arts and martial artists are clearly Bullshido. Yet how do you know if the martial art you are doing is not? In this Brief Martial Arts episode we will take a close look at what exactly makes a martial art Bullshido and which practices are easiest to mistake as not one.

These days the term Bullshido is fairly common and even widely recognized. While it may sound like a term meant to intentionally insult / it can often be a noble attempt (just not always expressed well) / to expose false martial arts which encourage a lack of critical thinking and sometimes even cause potential danger to the lives of it’s practitioners and their loved ones, making them believe they are capable of defending themselves and others in an actual self defense situation.

Nevertheless there are still many martial arts which could be categorized as bullshido and continue to profit from their false claims without taking responsibility. In order to bring more awareness to this subject and to save people from falling into the wrong hands, in this Brief Martial Arts video we will take a closer look at what exactly defines a martial arts as bullshido and which practices could be considered such, so that present and future practitioners could be careful in choosing them.

The Case of Joshua Fabia

Joshua Fabia is the now former trainer and manager of UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez .

Besides, he is also a model and the founder of the  “School of Self-Awareness,” an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based organization. Through SoS, Fabia aims to share his knowledge of health, fitness, and healing.

Joshua Fabia is a military ranger with background as a training system instructor. In his self-designing course SoS (school of self-awareness), Fabia has incorporated its unconventional training methods.

Recently, a controversial training video clip of Joshua Fabia and Diego Sanchez was leaked. The short clip shows Sanchez hanging upside down and Fabia kicking and punching his body and head.

The UFC released Diego Sanchez who himself  fired Fabia shortly after.

BJJ Scout made this interesting video exposing Fabia and all his weirdness.