Effortlessly Transition Between 5 Triangles in One Sequence with Danaher Black Belt Brian Glick

Effortlessly Transition Between 5 Triangles in One Sequence with Danaher Black Belt Brian Glick

The triangle choke is one of the most common and also one of the highest percentage submissions in Grappling.
When executed perfectly, it is a powerful weapon which is very hard to escape.

There are so many micro adjustments that make it so much more effective. This is what some grapplers such as Rickson Gracie call “Invisible” details.

3rd degree BJJ black belt under Renzo Gracie and John Danaher, Brian Glick is known as one of Renzo’s most technical black belts and he also runs the Renzo Gracie Brooklyn academy.

In this awesome video, he sows how to transition between 5 triangle set ups.

He stated:

“The most common form of triangle is the front triangle (“omote sankaku”) , but we can find several other variations as our partner starts their defensive sequence. All these triangle variations involve us maintaining the same general triangle structure: ankle locked under knee, with their head and arm trapped securely in the pocket of our legs. What changes is the position of our top knee relative to our partner.

We start with the front triangle, the one most people are familiar with. Then we switch off to a front reverse triangle – the leg configuration the same, but locked on the “wrong” side. Although this is a good trap position, it’s not easy to finish the strangle, so we transition to the “hantai sankaku” where we invert underneath. You’ll often find a chance to off-balance and sweep from there, leading you to the “ushiro sankaku” or back triangle. With a little adjustment, their defense to ushiro leads right back to amote (front). Learning to be “rigidly flexible” in your approach to both attack and defense means adjusting under stress to accommodate changing circumstances – a skill that can increase your effectiveness and broaden your opportunities all at once.”


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