Eddie Cummings Shows Backtake From Reinforced Russian Collar

Eddie Cummings Shows Backtake From Reinforced Russian Collar



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Eddie Cummings has been coming out of his shell a bit after the resurfacing of rumors that distance him from John Danaher. Eddie has opted to show a detailed sequence from the butterfly guard to the back take on his training partner Ottavia Bourdain.

Part 1 of a quick video from today’s class at @mushinnyc.
Back take from reinforced Russian collar. Emphasize the butterfly hooks staying in place until the uke’s hip are fully rotated.


Part 2

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After rumors of unrest in the Danaher Death Squad an online petition has been started for an instructional from Eddie Wolverine Cummings.

The change.org petition reads:

Hi Eddie,

By all means you are one of the most influential active leglocker in BJJ.
With all the recent products from Rob Biernacki To Craig Jones, we all think it’s time to get YOUR vision of the leglock system you helped revolutionize.

The BJJ world is ready and begging to give you money for it!

Sadly the petition currently has only 38 signatures.