EBI’s Inaugural Combat Jiu-Jitsu Event Nearing, Competitors Revealed Slowly

EBI’s Inaugural Combat Jiu-Jitsu Event Nearing, Competitors Revealed Slowly



Eddie Bravo Invitational 11 is just behind the corner. The inaugural Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament will be taking place Sunday March 5th in Los Angeles. The show will include a regular EBI rules, 16 man, 170 pound tourney (Welterweight), exactly the way it’s been done in the past, plus a 4 man “combat Jiu jitsu” tournament (135 bantamweight, same day weigh in).

Combat Jiu Jitsu (cjj) is exactly like ebi but with open palm strikes legal to the body and face once one of the combatants is grounded. No elbows, kicks or knees. If both combatants are standing, only grappling is allowed. Like the regular EBI matches, cjj will have 1 ten minute round with EBI OT rounds if necessary. No strikes are allowed in OT. Overtime in cjj will use regular EBI OT rules, no open palm strikes.

Event’s founder said in the past:

“We usually have 3 special matches that used to be teenagers and stuff. But we can’t use minors any more so we’re gonna use those 3 to do (combat jiu-jitsu)”

“Now those 3 special matches are gonna be a 4 men combat jiu-jitsu tournament. I had this cleared through the commission years and years ago but it kinda got stalled some of the rules. They wouldn’t let me .. They didn’t want to do it outside a cage. And they didn’t want to give me more than 3x 3 minute rounds. EBI was always about having combat jiu jitsu. Jiu Jitsu with some palm strikes”

”It’s coming. For the first show of 2017 it’s gonna be 170 EBI tournament so it’s gonna be regular EBI rules with a 16 guy tournament. “

And now some of the promos have been released. Combat Jiu Jitsu portion of the event will be featuring:

  • EBI 7 veteran Chad George (Bjj black belt | 3x ibjjf nogi world champion | EBI 7 | WEC & Bellator veteran)


  • Nick Honstein


  • JM Holland (Owner/instructor at Finishers MMA and 10th planet jiu jitsu in Bethlehem Pa. Brown Belt in 10p jiu jitsu under Eddie Bravo)


And one yet to be named competitor.


In the regular tournament portion of the event we’ll be seeing the return of Gordon Ryan but this time at Welterweight.



EBI 11 will also be featuring one very controversial opponent – the man who kicked AJ Agazarm off the stage some time back and caused quite the ripple in the bjj universe, Vagner Rocha. 

In addition to this the event will also feature EBI 1 finalist Richie Martinez, Kyle Griffin, Nathan Orchard and many others.