Drysdale: ‘Fellipe Andrew Will Be The Best in The World, Will Outdo Buchecha’

Drysdale: ‘Fellipe Andrew Will Be The Best in The World, Will Outdo Buchecha’

Fellipe Andrew made a huge impact at this year’s European championship when he won the gold in the black belt absolute in spectacular fashion. The Zenith black belt became the first man to submit Keenan Cornelius at black belt, with a spectacular triangle.

Andrew has an incredible 70 percent submission rate in competition.

Andrew now with 198 points is at first place in the IBJJF ranking system above Marcus Buchecha Almeida.

In this interview, his coach Robert Drysdale said:

“I think it’s the culmination of what everybody has been saying: this kid is going to be the best in the world. Today’s result is the beginning of this and we just have to make him believe in his potential.This kid is going to outdo Buchecha.”

The 25 year old Andrew had already a tremendous 2019 season winning gold at Europeans in the super heavyweight division, took first place in his weight class at Pans, and won his division at Brasileiros in 2018.

Andrew trained with Rodrigo Cavaca from blue to black belt and moved to the U.S. in 2019 to join Drysdale at his Las Vegas academy.

2020 will be a very exciting year for Fellipe Andrew.

Fellipe Andrew vs Keenan Cornelius 2020 Europeans:

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