Dillon Danis on AJ Agazarm: “He’s an embarrassment to Jiu Jitsu”

Dillon Danis on AJ Agazarm: “He’s an embarrassment to Jiu Jitsu”

Dillon Danis may not be much but he certainly thinks there’s one grappler not even worth mentioning – AJ Agazarm.
Of course Agazarm is the type to post stuff like this :

and then perform like this:

Still Danis didn’t mince words when it came to it:
“He’s an embarrassment to Jiu Jitsu”

Agazarm was previously quoted saying:

“What’s your beef with Dillon?” Helwani asked.

“You think that I spent thousands of dollars and flew all the way across the country to talk about Dillon Danis?” Agazarm responded. (Helwani retorted that AJ had actually brought Danis up first in text messages in the lead-up to the interview.)

“Look, Dillon Danis was plucked from obscurity with no real accomplishments in BJJ to be an entourage member for Conor McGregor,” said Agazarm. “He’s got a batting average of .500 at black belt, he’s got like 30 matches total. You know how many matches I have? 200. That’s a substantial amount…I destroyed him twice.”

He didn’t stop there.

“It’s disrespectful to consider yourself the ‘face of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ when you’ve got guys at a much higher level with much better results.” Agazarm named Felipe Pena, Lucas Lepri, Buchecha, and Roger Gracie as the actual face of jiu-jitsu.

“Does [the jiu-jitsu community] laugh at him, or with him?” Helwani asked.

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