Dillon Danis Believes Paulo Miyao was Robbed

Dillon Danis Believes Paulo Miyao was Robbed

Over the weekend Kasai held it’s 4th edition. In it Gianni Grippo won the Kasai featherweights tournament.

In attendance was one Dillon Danis who was quite into his newfound infamy.



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Taking care of business at @kasaigrappling Pro 4.

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Danis could be spotted at the venue booing as Grippo triumphed over Miyao.

And it’s not as if the match was clear cut – even though Grippo was mighty close to finishing Miyao.



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#Repost @flograppling ・・・ Does Paulo Miyao even have bones? 🧐

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Danis then went ahead and gave this statement to flograppling:

“It’s definitely a robbery and Paulo Miyao should’ve been the champion. Respect to Gianni but that wasn’t a sweep. That changes the kind of money he should be getting. That should be Paulo’s money. “

Ultimately with Kasai there’s a huge issue of the ruleset. The Kasai rules are similar to IBJJF meaning they leave plenty to interpretation. According to Kasai’s website the rules are:

Match Scoring
IBJJF Unified Rules, PLUS:
1 point – Submission attempt (near tap), takedown (no control), going from bottom guard to top after a poor submission attempt by the opponent.
No advantages
All submissions legal


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