Day 1 Of NoGi Worlds Recap

Day 1 Of NoGi Worlds Recap



Day 1 of NoGi Worlds is just behind us. There was much excitement surrounding the event. The audience was packed and it included Marcus Almeida Buchecha among others there to cheer on some of his teammates.

The absolute category for black belts was a good place to observe the dominance of Yuri Simoes. He made it all the way to the finals having beaten Tanquinho by judges decision in the semis.

He will be joined by Murilo Santana in the finals of the absolute category! Santana made it to the finals having armlocked Jared Dopp (who previously eliminated Gilbert Durinho Burns)

Complete results:

Male Black belt Absolute Division Results
Opening Round

Marcus Cole Wilson def Alex Canders via triangle
Felipe Silva def Enrico Cocco via points
Muslim Patsarigov def Fabio Caloi via footlock
Marcel Goncalves def Renato Tavares via submission
Josh Hinger def Diogo Araujo via decision
Vinicius Vieira def Andreas Perales via points
Kaue Damasceno def Ezra Lenon via points

Second Round
Yuri Simoes def Marcus Cole Wilson def submission
Thiago Sa def Felipe Silva via points
Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes def Nic Ruben via points
Muslim Patsarigov def Gustavo Elias via points
Murilo Santana def Marcel Goncalves via points
Josh Hinger def Mahamed Aly via points
Gilbert Burns def Vinicius Vieira via submission
Jared Dopp def Kaue Damasceno via forfeit

Quarter Finals
Yuri Simoes def Thiago Sa via advantage
Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes def Muslim Patsarigov via advantage
Murilo Santana def Josh Hinger via submission
Jared Dopp def Gilbert Burns via points

Semi Finals
Yuri Simoes def Augusto ‘Tanquinho’ Mendes via decision
Murilo Santana def Jared Dopp via armlock


You can watch the finals today  live on Flograppling!

In the female division:

Opening Round
Sofia Amarante def Julie Hoponick via submission

Second Round
Andresa Correa def Sofia Amarante via submission
Ida Floisvik def Amanda Alequin via advantage
Nathiely Jesus def Talita Alencar via points
Amanda Loewen def Leanna Dittrich via submission

?Semi Finals 
Andresa Correa def Ida Floisvik via submission
Nathiely Jesus def Amanda Loewen via submission


The rest of black belt results:












For masters results check of IBJJF’s brackets.