Craig Jones Launches Highest Paying BJJ Event in History on Same Weekend as ADCC

Craig Jones Launches Highest Paying BJJ Event in History on Same Weekend as ADCC

It’s been some days ago that Craig Jones has revealed that he has plans to organize his own $1 million Jiu-Jitsu tournament
And he has now decided to unveil even more details surrounding the upcoming event.

The date will be called the Craig Jones Invitational (very original ) and will be on August 16, and 17th in Las Vegas on the same weekend as ADCC! Prize Money is 1 Million USD and there are other aspects that would make competing in the event interesting for athletes:

When we had some problems with the ADCC, I decided to call in some favors and just run my own event.

We’ll run two 16-men tournaments, $1 million prize money.
And to show up, we’ll give $10,001.

ADCC pays $10,000 for the first prize.
So I thought it’d be funny if we just give them $10,001 just to show up.

Jones explains that this is now a serious undertaking:

It’s really just a funny idea that has now become something real, with the right funding.
So, that’s the plan basically.

ADCC is a tournament I could never win – so I thought, you know, let’s take some money and let’s destroy the tournament, make our own tournament.


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Nicky Ryan also commented on the event and shared some additional details.

In a recent interview, Ryan shared more details:

Craig has booked the venue and everything like that.
And yeah, those screenshots he posted of the money in an account, those are very real.

He has the money.

And even though the exact date of the event wasn’t revealed just yet, Ryan might have accidentally revealed them – by saying that the BDCC will collide with the ADCC dates :

I just wish that it was, like, a different date.
This scumbag is making me choose [between the two events].