Craig Jones Bests Keenan Cornelius In Tough Polaris 8 Match Up

Craig Jones Bests Keenan Cornelius In Tough Polaris 8 Match Up

Polaris 8 just wrapped up its 8th edition – first to be a part of the Cage Warriors event in Wales. The card was headlined by an ADCC match up between Craig Jones and Keenan Cornelius.



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Mansher Khera def. Lachlan Giles by decision

Daniel Strauss def. Satoshi Ishii by decision

Santeri Lilius def. Pedro Bessa by decision

Preliminary Card


Matty Holmes def. Kieran Davern via split decision

Frederic Vosgrone def.Lew Long by decision

Paul Redmond def. Craig Ewers by decision

Ed Ingamells def. Jamie Hughes by outside heel hook

Bryn Jenkins def. Harry McKnight by RNC/cross face

Tom Halpin def. Brett Johns by inside heel hook

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