Countdown To Eddie Bravo Invitational 10

Countdown To Eddie Bravo Invitational 10



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Eddie Bravo Invitational 10 is fast approaching.

The latest version of the sub only promotion is set to take place in Mexico City on December 2nd!

The even will be the return of Eddie Wolverine Cummings and an attempt to add yet another belt to his collection.

Baret Yoshida will make another run for the belt! He last appeared on EBI 7 where he lost from Renzo Gracie NY Outcast Mike Davila.


In addition to these 2 the event will also feature Rafael Freitas aka Barata ,black belt from the Gracie Barra academy best-known for his creation of a shoulder lock submission named by Rafael as the: Baratoplata.


The show is also set to feature Bruno Barbosa – one of the aces from team Nova Uniao!



In addition to the 3 above EBI 10 will also feature Kristian Woodmansee, Alexis Alduncin, Arturo Cadenas Rocha, Ashley Williams, Alessandro Costa, Bruninho Barbosa, Barata Freitas, Eric Medina, Javier Gomez, Suraj Budhram, Baret Yoshida, Joey Diehl and Ricky Lule



You can check out the full countdown show below! Who is your favorite to win it all?