Comedian Chris Gethard Talks BJJ on Stephen Colbert

Comedian Chris Gethard Talks BJJ on Stephen Colbert

Comedian Chris Gethard had the pleasure of hosting a lot of grapplers in hi comedy sketch hour. Previously we reported on:

Gethard recently went on the Stephen Colbert talkshow and he talked a bit about his love of grappling:


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My coach @jon_calestine is honestly one of the kindest people I know, and all of his fellow students @banchomma would agree. That being said, he felt too guilty to tell me he’d be on vacation during my tournament. I’ve used this to relentlessly give him shit and I’m proud to say I’ve now had the opportunity to throw him under the bus on the Jiu Jitsu Times. Please follow him on Instagram during this difficult time, more followers means he’ll get more big money matches. On Saturday I’ll now be coached by the great @that_matt_kaplan – I hope I can pick out which of his shouts are actual instructions for me amongst all his usual rantings about The Misfits, mid-80s pro wrestling, and his paranoid ramblings about who is out to get him.

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