Collection Of Greatest Weight loss Pictures Of BJJ Practitioners

Collection Of Greatest Weight loss Pictures Of BJJ Practitioners



Through the years bjj has inspired a series of huge transformations in its practitioners. While some we’re most likely to hear about then others what matters is that in the end every jiu jiteiro is left more vital, healthier and more self aware.

Actor/comedian Lavell Crawford has been dedicated to working on his figure. The actor that famously portrayed scary bodyguard Huell on smash hit “Breaking Bad” is now much much lighter! He reportedly lost 120 lbs thanks to jiu jitsu!

Jiu-Jitsu Helps Man Lose 257 Pounds


Jon Orton told his unique story to Men’s health. Just 4 years ago he weight a staggering 478 pouds.

“I realize now it was because my mentality was wrong. I was looking at a temporary solution to a permanent problem. I was sitting on my couch and I was just miserable. Just sitting there was uncomfortable. At that weight, everything is difficult. You’re living in a world that you physically do not fit in. It’s like nothing is made for you,  Shopping for clothes is awful. Going to the movies is difficult. Walking any length was not easy. I knew I was only going to get bigger—and people that big just don’t live very long.”

But Orton was lucky – through friends he was able to reach out to a bjj black belt who was opening his own gym.

Comedian Joey Diaz also lost a bunch of weight thanks to his passion for grappling

Oklahoma Woman Lost 60 Pounds with BJJ and Shared recently on Reddit!

But she’s not the only one:


Inspired by the weight loss story’s so thought i would share mines too, 75 lbs down! from bjj


Can I join the weight loss before/after photos too? 60 pounds down, bonus: before pic next to my identical twin brother from bjj



Yesterday I fulfilled 2 goals. I got my weight below 200lbs (nearly 90lbs lost since Feb 2016) and I competed in my first jiu jitsu competition. I lost my match via collar choke but had an amazing experience and I absolutely want to compete again. First and foremost I want to thank my wife Nicole. Without her support this never would have been possible. Also a special thanks to @shawnwilliamsbjj @dane_molina @mike_farrell1 @spaceoak_arivers @mrichey24 and all of my training partners and instructors at @5starmartialarts. #jiujitsu #nabjjf #weightloss #bjj #renzograciela #renzogracie #jiujitsulifestyle #losangeles #california #weightloss #transformation #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #brazilianjiujitsu #choke #bjjmeme #bjjlifestyle #graciejiujitsu #goals

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My 81 pound weight loss since getting my blue belt last year, only doing BJJ. (x-post from progresspics) from bjj


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