What We can Learn from ADCC 2017

What We can Learn from ADCC 2017

Written by Stefan Rüegg, BJJ black belt and instructor at Frota Academy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Short ADCC 2017 analysis.

(just my opinion as a bjj black belt):

1) any kind of leg attacks are mandatory, not just nice to know.. so go and train them!

2) any kind of leg defenses are mandatory as well!! so go and train them too..!

3) wrestling is the shit and has to be part of your skill set! There was some awesome wrestling in this years ADCC!!!
…so go and (you know what comes..) and train wrestling!

If you want to be a good groundfighter you better know how to take your opponent down!

4) Xande is still a beast!!!

5) Position over submission is still valid, even when you go for leg attacks you need to set up the leg attack by positioning yourself in the right way! So go and train it..!

6) Craig Jones is the new Keenan..!

7) the danaher/renzo death squad closed the gap to the world’s elite grapplers in one kind of a fashion! Congrats Gary Garry Lee Tonon & Gordon Ryan for the titles / medals!

8.) To pass the guard in grappling/No Gi is a hard task to apply! You better work your passes hardly, daily and constantly!

9) Big Boys have stamina too (Orlando Sanchez)

10) playing any kind of upside down guard is not just for the small guys anymore, the big boys have their share in it (Marcus Almeida Buchecha)

Congrats all the medal winners and all the other fighters!
You showed an awesome spirit and great spectacle!!!!

ADCC 2017 Final Scores, Victor Crowned