Buchecha Shows a 4 Linked Submissions From Knee Shield Half Guard

Buchecha Shows a 4 Linked Submissions From Knee Shield Half Guard

Marcus Buchecha was giving a seminar at the famous Frota Academy in Zurich Switzerland a few years together with Braulio Estima. Whilst there, famous BJJ videographer captured the moment when Buchecha showed a great combo from his signature half guard. 

Buchecha showed a 4 move combo from knee shield:

Reverse armbar to omoplata to invisible armbar back to omoplata.

When you work with so many submission combinations, at least one of the subs should get you the tap.

Buchecha starts off by  showing some great details on proper arms and leg placement when using the popular Z guard/Knee Shield position.

In this sequence, Buchecha decides to take an unusual approach by attacking the near arm with a  quick reverse armbar. The important detail is to cup the elbow and pinch the opponent’s arm so that they can’t pull out their arm.

If this fails, you transition to an omoplata. Buchecha sows an unexpected submisssion where you can attack the far arm. If that fails, you can always go back to the omoplata.

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida Shares With BJJ Fanatics His Complete Library of His Best Position: Half Guard.

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