Bo Nickal Shares How He Beat An Entire BJJ School During His First Class

Bo Nickal Shares How He Beat An Entire BJJ School During His First Class

Bo Nickal has excelled in professional MMA, finishing all five of his UFC fights in the very first round. Most of them via submission.
He is also a three-time NCAA Division 1 wrestling national champion…

So it may come as no surprise that, a while back, he surprised everyone in his first ever Jiu-Jitsu class – by beating every single belt level!

He revealed what happened in a recent Johnny Drinks Podcast episode:

I was doing a camp in Missouri and I’d finish the camp.
And then, this guy that I think had a kid who was I was teaching, was like: “Hey, we’re doing Jiu-Jitsu over here if you want to come and roll and stuff.

So it was kind of funny. It [the class] started off, they brought me in with like a white belt, I messed him up.
I know, like these basic submissions just from watching MMA.

And so like, I submit him and then they’re like, okay. Blue belt [comes in].
And, like, the same thing.

Then they brought in a purple belt to face Nickal:

And then they’re like all right, purple belt.
And then it’s, like, kind of competitive. But like, I’m still getting the better of him.

A brown belt was next…

He’s, like, way bigger than me.
And I’m like, whatever. I’m going to wear this dude down.

And so I just start pulling on his head. And at first he’s, like, cocky, so he’s trying to stand with me, wrestle me.
And I’m like: “No, it ain’t working out.”

So I’m pulling his head, messing him up. And then like I got him so tired that he starts pulling guard.
Like, he can’t do anything.

He’s gassed out, I’m passing his guard. And I didn’t submit him, but I’m working him and stuff like that.
And so at this point I’ve been going 45 minutes.

And finally, the black belt instructor:

The instructor, black belt, probably a 50-year-old dude, only guy in the gi.

He pulls guard immediately. He locks me down in Half Guard and he’s got a Gi on.
I’m in, like, shorts and T-shirt. So I’m stuck.

And so I’m, like – alright, I don’t know what I’m doing.
Like, I’m going to try to get my leg out. [But I] can’t get my leg out.

He tries to Wrist Lock me a couple times and I, like, freak out.
I’m, like: “Get it out [the wrist]”, and I get it done. I don’t tap.

And then I just kind of grab his head in his arm and I’m just squeezing, holding him there.
And we’ve gone for probably like 10-12 minutes.