BJJEE Gi Review: JiuJiteiro’s ‘J1’ Gi

BJJEE Gi Review: JiuJiteiro’s ‘J1’ Gi

JiuJiteiro is a Southern California based BJJ lifestyle brand that produces some of the coolest and artiest designs around. They caught my attention a few years back when Andre Galvao and JT Torres were sporting their caps and hoodies with the signature ‘JiuJiteiro’ handwritten logo.  Then they struck big when they came out with a realy inspiring video featuring Magid Hage and Edwin Najmi, skateboarding, surfing and training Jiu-Jitsu together with some really cool soundtrack. That video became very popular in the worldwide BJJ community:

I already had a lot of JJT gear, some hoodies, cap and tshirt so was extra excited when they released their first ever BJJ Gi: the J1.

The J1 comes in 2 colours (white and black) available on the website thejiujiteiro.com. The design follws the JJT style, simple and sharp. It is IBJJF approved.

gile j1

The author Gile Huni, BJJEE’s editor

Weight of the Gi at A3: 1,8 kilos for an A3.


  • Jacket high quality pearl weave (Extremely comfortable to wear, soft, strong and light)
  • 100% rip stop cotton pants (6 loops of cord for a perfect fit around the waist, thick round cord for comfort). reinforced knees.
  • Reinforcements and triple stitching in strategic locations that reinforce the strength of the Gi as the jacket on the pants.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.03.46 PM

Sizing and shrinking: The J1 gi came in at almost the right size when I received it. I washed the gi at 40 degrees to not shrink shrink too much. I got a A3 and I’m 1m86/6ft1 and 85/ 185lbs kilos. After the first wash, the gi fit me exactly how I wanted it. It sharnk about 10%. Just right. The cut is not slim fit, it’s something like a regular fit.

Look: This is a elegant and sharp looking gi. It’s a high quality Gi, made from the finest material nowadays. You can see a big difference in quality between this and your basic entrance level Gi. It is not patched up and not too flashy, in my opinion it has been done with a lot of good taste. I like the fact that nobody around me wears the same Gi as I do. It gives it a novelty feel.

Feeling when rolling: The gi is really comfortable and enjoyable to roll with. It will be my go to Gi for competitions.

Conclusion: So in my personal opinion I would give this gi a 9,5/10 rating in terms of satisfaction. I really enjoy rolling in it, the quality is top notch and it looks great too!
It reatails at 164$ at thejiujiteiro.com, which is a good price for such a high quality and elegant Gi.