BJJ Social Network Mines Holy Grail of Training Data

BJJ Social Network Mines Holy Grail of Training Data


Roll, the first BJJ social network, is raising money for development on Kickstarter.


Do you know what your attendance was this month compared to this time last year? How many rounds did you roll per training session and how many minutes per roll? What submissions did you catch and what submissions did you get caught in most? What’s your personal score with the people you’ve trained with and most importantly, how does all this data compare to everyone else who trains BJJ? These are just a few of the ways your training data can be analyzed using Roll’s BJJ social network.

Roll collects this information incredibly easily using its built-in timer. Pick someone to roll with, set how long for and hit go. At the end of the round, the timer rings and asks what submissions you caught – that’s it. To validate the data, a notification is sent to the person you rolled with asking them to approve the details of that roll. Using “stealth mode” publishes the belt rank, not the name, of the person you rolled with on your news feed.




The impact of this data on the future of this sport could be huge. We’d be able to compare our training stats against anyone in the sport, track unknown fighters who are outperforming the big names in real time, and see who the pros are training with leading up to championship fights.


In a recent BJJBrick podcast with Byron Jabara, creator and founder of Roll, Anthony Kondeati, describes a future with connected gis, pro fighters live-streaming training sessions leading up to championship fights, and competitions between famous champions and unknown (but statistically superior) up-and-comers.


Support Roll here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rollanalyticsapp/social-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-app?ref=nav_search

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