BJJ Rolls: How To Get Constantly Get Smashed And Keep Smiling

BJJ Rolls: How To Get Constantly Get Smashed And Keep Smiling

Guest post by Jason C. Brown of  BJJWorkouts.com

Maybe I’m just a selfish guy. Maybe I’m asking for too much? But to be blunt, I think the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world is pretty closed-minded and incestuous.

Personally, I want more out of my jiu-jitsu journey than the move of the day and let’s roll syndrome. I’m looking for a deeper connection with human movement, play and physical challenge. 

Sometimes we need to look outside of our own culture to discover some gems.  I think I’ve found one.

There’s an entire world of movement available to us. Beautiful movement cultures and approaches that would blend and resonate very well with the gentle art, but we’re so slow to adopt them and to explore what they may have to offer us as Jiu-Jitsu players.

One dogma I hear quite frequently is “You don’t need anything for your jiu-jitsu but your jiu-jitsu…” Although there is some truth to that statement, it’s not the best way to train if longevity is a goal of yours.

Take a moment and check out the video below. Please watch and listen through the eye’s and ears of a jiu-jitsu player and see the truth, the beauty and wisdom in exploring other movement arts. See what this type of play can offer us.

Here are my favorite highlights:

  • When you are changing partners, you’re meeting a new strategy. And you can test on yourself how adaptable you are. 
  • You have to speculate how to put your partners out of their habits. Because only there do you cook & develop.
  • Everybody can have muscle…but what kind of muscle do you have?
  • Diversity brings immunity! (This may be my favorite.)
  • Try.Try.Try. Change partners. Try.
  • Out of repetition the quality will come.
  • Play.Play.Play.
  • If you don’t have pressure you don’t develop.
  • Stay healthy but be challenged. (This sounds very much like Judo’s “Mutual Benefit Tenet.”)
  • You get smashed but you still smile and go on to explore more.