BJJ Girl’s 7 Hygiene Rules Of Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

BJJ Girl’s 7 Hygiene Rules Of Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

No one wants to be the smelly person in the gym and no one wants to be at risk of infections or illnesses from the mats..

These are the 7 Must rules for everyone on the mats.

1) Shower.
– Before & After training
– Use defence soap
– Brush your teeth

2) Wear Flip flops of the jiu jitsu mat
– make sure your feet are clean before stepping on the mats

3) Wash / soak your Gi and NoGi clothes
– Know when its time to throw you bjj clothes away away.

4) Wash your mouth guard.
– Rinse after every use
– Full clean at least once a month

5) Keep your skin healthy
– Wash your face and hands after jiu jitsu class

6)Wash your hair

7) Cut your nails short to avoid scratching someone while rolling.
– A scratch or a open wound could lead to a staph infection.

Written by Tiae Marks


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