BJJ Black Belt Shows Proven Way To Escape a Fully Locked RNC

BJJ Black Belt Shows Proven Way To Escape a Fully Locked RNC

Well, well, well. What do we have here… You’re in trouble again, aren’t you? You’ve given up your back, your opponent took it, placed their hooks in and secured a Rear Naked Choke. You are pretty much done for in this situation, right?
Well, you most likely are.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up! BJJ is all about giving it your best and not giving up until there’s absolutely no way out (unless you are just training and rolling with your training partners – in that case, tap early and tap often), so you definitely need to give your best shot at escaping from this dire situation as well.


How To Set Up The Infamous Rickson Gracie Rear Naked Choke- Henry Akins

BJJ black belt Ty Gay shows how to escape a fully locked standing rear naked choke. This really works:

“Lotta people said this technique wouldn’t work on a fully locked up rear naked choke, so I had @sleepypbjj Lock one up as hard as he could to see if I could get out!
I believe there’s always exceptions to the rule, no technique works on everybody 100% of the time, but this technique is pretty legit.
Props to my friend and teacher @henryakinsbjj for teaching it to me.”


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