BJJ Black Belt & Bouncer Kevin Gallagher On Using BJJ On The Job To Avoid a Close Call

BJJ Black Belt & Bouncer Kevin Gallagher On Using BJJ On The Job To Avoid a Close Call

Kevin Gallagher has a long history in the sport. Like all legitimate black belts he took a while to achieve the prestigious rank. Along the way he got quite a few close calls in his side career of dealing with belligerent drunks as a bouncer.

Gallagher shared

” I go into the room and there’s a kid in there that was thrown out earlier and now he’s here with 4 other dudes. So at this point we’re in the room. There’s probably 3 or 4 foot wide by about ten or fifteen feet long . surrounded by liquor bottles and coolers.

I’m looking at these four guys and immediately the first thing thing it is f*ck this is about to get real because you know these kids… Street kids that are like 23 to 24 so there’s still you know still young strong kids… “


“I go in and I get a clinch on the kid. I kinda have him around the waist and he has me in a headlock…
f*cker sticks his f*cking finger in my f*cking eyeball. so I pulled his arm off and I end up taking his back and long story short

I’m so I finally kind of get behind him I get him on the ground I get my hooks in and I put him to sleep like out done on asleep on the ground and I held that f*cking choke like I knew he was out and I held it for another f*cking like 3 or 4 seconds just to make sure you was f*cking out and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose then you if I’m on the ground and I’m getting this s*it stomped out of me…”

You can check out the rest of the encounter in the clip above

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