BJJ Advice: To Become A Successful Competitor, You Need To Have Self Reliance

BJJ Advice: To Become A Successful Competitor, You Need To Have Self Reliance

Yes, time training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is – for the most part – spent with your training partners. But, when the day approaches that you have to go out and compete… Then you’re going to have to rely mostly on yourself.
John Danaher explains why this is the case. And that you have to cultivate self reliance:

When we think of athletes getting ready for competition in Jiu-Jitsu, we tend to think mostly about the teamwork of preparation, working with your sparring partners, coaches, strength and conditioning trainers, etc.
This is a relatively small percentage of the average day however. Most of your time you’ll be alone in your house, your car, etc.

As the time draws near, you’ll be surrounded by fans, haters, officials, opponents… But the more people around you the more you’ll feel the reality that when the match starts it’s you and only you that steps out in to the mat.

If there is one attribute you’ll need to stay sane and succeed it is SELF RELIANCE. Cultivate this as an attribute every chance you get.
Get comfortable being by yourself and comfortable with yourself, even in a crowded room.

But why would you want to build self reliance in the first place? Danaher continues:

When you can be ALONE WITHOUT BEING LONELY you’ll have the inner strength needed for the big show. When you’re surround by thousands but alone inside yourself and comfortable, you’re ready to perform on stage.

Get comfortable with solitude and you’ll create the success that will make people want to be around you.


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