B.J. Penn Accused of Domestic, Sexual Abuse by Partner, Issued Restraining Order

B.J. Penn Accused of Domestic, Sexual Abuse by Partner, Issued Restraining Order

UFC Hall of famer and currently still active fighter B.J. Penn had suffered a serious setback. Penn’s estranged partner, Shealen Uaiwa alleges Penn verbally abused and menaced her in front of their two children and her mother, threatened to kill her family, and sexually abused her, according to a written statement attached to the protective order and  obtained by MMA Junkie via a public records request.

Penn is scheduled to fight Clay Guida at UFC 237 on May 11th in Brazil.

The disturbing report claims Penn has serious addiction issues:

“I woke up one night to him scared, because he got cocaine on my oldest daughter,” Uaiwa wrote. “He was freaking out and he wanted to commit suicide.”

In July 2015, when Penn was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, Uaiwa wrote that he did cocaine with his friends in the room adjacent to her and their children. That night, she wrote, Penn attacked her, shattered her phone and verbally abused her.

Uaiwa wrote that these incidents mentioned are just the recent ones.

“I feel fearful for my safety and my [childrens’ lives], and for the influence he has over my children,” she wrote.

Uaiwa also accused Penn of drug abuse and being a “drug addict” since he was 14 years old. She wrote that he uses his MMA training camps to try and stay sober.

Penn has not won a fight since 2010.

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