Athletes On The Mat Releases Revolutionary CAMO Gi

Athletes On The Mat Releases Revolutionary CAMO Gi

The guys from BJJ lifestyle wear company ‘Athletes On The Mat’  & instagram page have launched a pre-order on a really nice BJJ CAMO Gi.

Athletes on the Mat (ATHOM) are a BJJ wear company that have made waves in France and Europe having their clothes being worn by some of the top famous MMA athletes from the UFC and Bellator.

They do BJJ Tshirts, rash guards, belts, patches, accessories and soon much more.

The CAMO Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is undoubtedly the most advanced in terms of design, originality and complexity of conception in their line of BJJ Gis.
Everything starts with the choice of materials, and the cotton selected is just simply mind-blowing, with an extraordinary touch and a gram weight carefully selected for both the jacket and the pant.

Next comes the design. This BJJ Gi is an outright rare find, a unique model in its genre.
The CAMO BJJ Gi is the perfect alliance between an innovative, and creative, design and flawless construction.
Indeed the most attention was placed on bringing the perfect cut, incredible finishes and the optimum assembly.
The cut rounds out at the bottom of the skirt of the jacket, adorned by a camo design imparting a modern aspect that is at once minimal and technical.
The jacket is composed of a gram weight of 420 GSM Pearl Weave made from a single piece of material which gives it extreme resistance along its construction and leaves no place for too easy of a grip from your partner.
The beautiful quality of the larger woven patch present on the back gives this Gi character.
The 10 OZ cotton canvas pant is pleasant to the touch and in application: certainly one of the most agreeable pants you will ever use.

The CAMO Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is comprised of a Camouflage design primarily on the bottom of the jacket and on the back.
This BJJ Gi brings to the forefront the golden hours of aviation and transfers the mastery of the sky to the Tatami.
It’s worth noting this Gi will be delivered to you in a magnificent Camouflage style tote bag.
This tote bag of considerate size can be equally used for your everyday activities.
Finally, it’s a great gift for your friends!
For competitors, the bi-coloured collar will not allow you to use this Jiu Jitsu Gi in competitions organized by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). However, this BJJ Gi will assure you that during open mats, and/or during practice, you will be the envy of others and surely remarked.
The CAMO BJJ Gi is the perfect alliance between an innovative design, 100% original, made in ATHOM.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Details:

The BJJ Gi is composed of the following elements.
The Jacket:
A logo of great quality embroidered on the breast.
Two embroideries on the left and right sleeve.
The right sleeve has 2 additional woven patches framing the principle embroidery.
1 internal rash guard with a woven label at the neck of the jacket.
The cut at the bottom of the skirt is rounded out with a woven camouflage band along the bottom of the skirt.

The Pants :
The drawstrings for maintaining your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi are designed with large loops to assure a good quality of fastening.
A woven camouflage patch is affixed on the left leg to bring a special touch to the pant.
Embroidery is present on the bottom of the right leg.
A woven label is positioned at the top of the right leg.

Technical Information:

The Jacket :
Cotton Pearl Weave : An ideal material for better comfort.
420 grams : Lightness and robustness assured.
Washing & Drying : Clean on cold and dry on a hanger.
Pre-Shrunken Cotton : Permits avoiding untimely shrinkage of the jacket.
Hygienic bands on the sleeves and at the bottom of the skirt.

The Pants :
10 OZ Cotton Canvas
Washing & Drying : Clean on cold and dry on a hanger.
Pre-Shrunken Cotton : Permits avoiding untimely shrinkage of the pant.
Reinforced interior of the pant assuring excellent upkeep.
The Camouflage “Tote Bag” :
80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
37 cm x 39 cm
A bag equipped with handle for transport.
Check My Drillz imprint on the bag.
NOTE : Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt is not included.

Approximate weight of the Jiu Jitsu Gi:
A0: 1,350 Kg
A1: 1,400 Kg
A1L: 1,450 Kg
A2: 1,550 Kg
A2L: 1,650 Kg
A3: 1,8 Kg
A4: 1,9 Kg

Maintenance of the BJJ Gi:

We have an article presenting the different points to take into consideration in order to wash and maintain your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi to assure its longevity.
Size Chart of the BJJ Gis:
Purchasing a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is not the easiest of choices; indeed sizes for BJJ Gis do not correspond to the terms generally used.
We’ve provided a size chart of our BJJ Gis for men and women so that you may have a better idea initially of sizing.
In conclusion:
The entire team at ATHOM is proud to present to you a BJJ Gi of such quality. Years of work have been materialized through this Gi.
We hope it will be found among the practicing BJJ community as a roaring success.
We wish you a happy shopping experience!
Photo Credits: @monsieur_marchisio


How do Pre-Orders work?
The CAMO BJJ Gi will be sold initially as a pre-order, in other words, you make payment on the BJJ Gi the day of your order and you will receive it a few weeks later. Below are full details.
How long does the Pre-Order last?
The timeframe for pre-orders will be 10 calendar days.
It debuts Friday the 23th of October at 18 h 00 and ends Sunday the 1st of November 2020 at 23 h 59.
What is the timeframe for deliveries?
At the end of the pre-order timeframe, it will take up to 6 weeks for us to receive the BJJ Gis in our office and 1 week to assure the total dispatching of all orders (french metropolitan) and 1 up to 2 weeks more for others countries.
Therefore the delay will be 7 weeks counted from the end of the pre-sale period, during which orders will be delivered in Metropolitan France between the 14th and 20th of December 2020.
There will be a supplemental twelve days delay for orders outside of Metropolitan France.
What is the advantage of pre-ordering my BJJ Gi ?
Initially, the principle advantage is a sales price of 145€ compared to 169€ for our BJJ Gi
Secondly, this allows being reassured to have your BJJ Gi in your size.
As a reminder, this BJJ Gi is a limited edition and no re-editions will be made available.
It’s expected that we will have limited BJJ Gis in stock on our site but at a price of 169€ TTC, however we cannot guarantee to have all sizes once the BJJ Gi is in stock on our site.
What are the conditions for exchanges and reimbursement?
The BJJ Gis bought as pre-orders cannot be reimbursed; however, you will acquire a credit lasting up to 1 year, equalling the price of the BJJ Gi (the pre-order price) in the case of a sizing error or change of heart.
I wish to have additional information?
Nothing could be easier, simply utilize our contact page and ask your question. We will respond as soon as possible.
Happy shopping.