Ana Carolina Vieira Ecstatic Men and Women Were Equally Awarded at CBD Invitational

Ana Carolina Vieira Ecstatic Men and Women Were Equally Awarded at CBD Invitational

Black Belt CBD invitational was definitely the most exciting gi event of the season. On the line was 30.000 USD – for each of the two categories male and female. In the end family Vieira came out sixty thousand dollars on top.

Recently Ana Carolina Vieira discussed how fortunate she felt to be recognized equally to tatame:

“Well, it was amazing to fight the first event to pay the same bag for both men and women. I felt that I was there representing the entire female community. What the Black Belt CBD did, no doubt, opened many doors. We have long fought for equality, it is too unfair to have less recognition than men just because we are women. I hope that organizations mirror and start to value us the way we deserve, “

“Wow, fighting Luiza (Monteiro) was angry! My first fight as a black belt was with her, in Guatemala, two years ago, and we only meet again now. I admire her as an athlete and person, she knew it would be a difficult fight, she is dangerous, she has a boat with her foot and knee, so she knew she was going to have to be on all the time. At the beginning of the third round she fit a very fair leglock, I felt it click, but at the time I did not think about beating, I was winning and I believed I would be a champion all the time. “

previously multiple female players were unenthused by the treatment they were given – mainly by IBJJF:

After dominating the open division she received a 1.500$ check – while the male open division winner received 4000$ for gold and 1000$ for silver.

Dominyka Obelenyte wrote about dominating the open division and while she received a 1.500$ check – the male open division winner received 4000$ for gold and 1000$ for silver couple years ago.

Today has been an interesting day in my Bjj journey: I competed in a tournament I stand against for the lack of equal pay primarily in the black belt division, and won first place in weight and absolute.

I needed the competition experience and since I can’t travel much because of school, I decided to do it. Although the end result was a happy one there is still work to be done, the least the ibjjf can do is equalize terms for the absolute by giving women a greater purse. I call upon all my ladies to not get discouraged, with each generation of women, whether they be white or black belts, we see an improvement in not only skill but in division size. It is a rare sight to see women in divisions with one or zero fights in large tournaments these days, and with growing numbers, the push for equal pay cannot be deterred.

I encourage you guys to support your women Bjj fighters, watch their matches, understand that their journey is the same as everyone’s: entrenched in hard work and sacrifice.
Thank you to all those who support me, my awesome teammates and friends @vedhatoscano @artallmighty @teamfabioclemente @wayofbabs @zatatoscano @erinherle @jew.jitsu and everyone else who I forgot to mention. I also wanted to throw a huge thanks to my sponsors @shoyoroll @bearsyr @digitsuonline #lamonicasnypizza for getting me here. I would be nowhere without the support of any of you ❤️ #Bjj #jiujitsu #bjjgirls #bjjwomen #supportwomensbjj #girlsingis #equalpayforbjj #jiujitsuwomen #jiujitsugirls


Meanwhile Gabi Garcia wrote on her Facebook page couple years ago:
 “You train just like the men do or sometimes even more. You are victim of prejudice when you choose a career said to be for men. You give up the body and the life of a regular women to live your dream. You get paid less your entire life. Then when some kind of equality comes along, you have to deal with this kind of mentality. I’m in a new moment in my career, but I will try to conciliate both [MMA and BJJ] and compete for that I fought so hard to see happen. Congratulations to the IBJJF”

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