AJ Agazarm vs Vagner Rocha Results, More Of Fight To Win Pro 14

AJ Agazarm vs Vagner Rocha Results, More Of Fight To Win Pro 14



There was plenty of bad blood between AJ Agazarm and Vagner Rocha as evidenced by their previous confrontations.

Vagner Rocha And AJ Agazarm Exchange Rhymes Ahead F2WPro Fight

Here’s a video snippet from their fight:

The fight ended with Rocha victorious after bursting tensions that nearly resulted in a DQ.

There was a move that could be described as a strike that Rocha Executed by F2WPro Promoter Seth Daniels intervened later saying:

After much contentions and resets the fight ended up going to Rocha by decision. Agazarm had trouble stomaching the outcome so he riled the crowd to boo Rocha’s post fight speech.

In addition to this Agazarm’s coaches were very close to getting in an altercation with Seth Daniels following loss.

Below are the complete results for the 14th Edition of Fight To Win Pro 14

Vagner Rocha defeats AJ Leão Agazarm decision-
in any other match Vagner would have been dq after first 13 seconds
Kevin Peterson defeats Renato Tavares triangle
John Troy Hanson defeats Josh Best Decision
Sean Wells defeats Ben Zapata decisoin
Tubby Alequin defeats Melissa Bentley bow and arrow choke SOTN
Marcos Flores defeats DaSuraj Budhramdefeats Thasio Feliz decision
Jose Laguer defeats Efrain Ruiz decision
Stevie Linton defeats Fred Ranie decision
Coringa Conway defeats Avery Mcphatter split decision FOTN
Oscar Alejandro Cardona Aristizabal defeats Jason Jimenez decision

Brown Belts
Kevin Gallagher defeats Jarrod Anderson decsion
Suraj Budhram defeats Ian Murray decision FOTN
Luis Mata defeats Michael Eikenberry TRIANGLE SOTN

Purple Belts
Colton Jacob Mobsby defeats Spencer Mummee decision FOTN
Jason Hayden defeats Dylan White Heel hook
Zachary Kenneth Allen defeats Tim Palmer Triangle
Edwin Mosmiller defeats Scot Simpson Armbar
Jonata Gomes defeats Kyle Rodewald armbar SOTN
Patrick Charles Hamilton III defeats Brandon Diaz choke
Lauren Brown defeats Jasmine Bienvenue decision
Kevin Martincowski defeats Brett Behers submission

Ryan Stolberg vs Caleb Robinson decision FOTN
Kaelyn defeats Ariel Pamer Armbar
Jasmine Johnson defeats Angelica Angeles kimura SOTN
Jessa “Lady Armbar” Khan Fan Page defeats Savonnah Devouxoux Armbar
Jace Brownlow defeats Raymond Martinez choke