ADCC Turkey With $2000 Prize Money

ADCC Turkey With $2000 Prize Money

This is the first ever ADCC event in Turkey ( https://adcombat.com/adcc-events/ )

Organizers have included a wide range of categories from beginner to pro and 35+ groups. To make this tournament attractive for any type of participants we are providing a high level of experience in sport tourism and comfort with a convenient.

They have included some prize money to make this event attractive for pros too. ( Total 2000USD for the winners of:  Absolute Pro: 1000USD … for each Pro weight Category : 200USD … * 2 matches to played in each category for winning the money prize)

In this event full accommodation is included. So that while it is costly for us on the other hand we are sure that we are offering a very good comfort for a very convenient/low budget.

  • 1-3 November 2019
  • Limak Limra Hotel & Resort, Kemer / Antalya, Turkey
  • Contacts: contact@adccturkey.com ; Whatsapp: +90 507 163 50 95
  • Whatsapp for Russian Speaking: +7 911 121 60 60 ; www.adccturkey.com

Weight Classes

  • Pro Men: -65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg, +99kg and Open Class
  • Pro Female: -60kg and +60kg
  • Masters (+35) / Beginner: -65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg, +99kg and Open class
  • Masters (+35) / Intermediate: 65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg, +99kg and Open class
  • Masters (+35) / Pro: 65.9kg, -76.9kg, -87.9kg, -98.9kg, +99kg and Open class
  • Beginners: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -76kg, -83kg, -91kg and +100kg
  • Female beginners: -50kg, -60kg, -70kg and +70kg
  • Intermediate: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -76kg, -83kg, -91kg and +100kg
  • Female Intermediate: -50kg, -60kg, -70kg and +70kg



– You can find the atmosphere there which all teams and fighters live in the same holiday village, and that lets them develop contacts, share new friendships etc. Occasionally or with a possible plan you can find opportunities to meet up various teams and professors to develop your skills,

– Just by a few min. walk you can enter the competition hall from your room, so daily taxi and transport are not needed, no problem for resting or shower or changing outfits etc.

– You can enjoy all benefits of all inclusive, you can freely drink during the matches and trainings, and choose the food in the open buffet restaurants, so that you do not need any money and wallet during the day.

–  The city : Antalya is a attracting more than 10 Million tourists every year with its great nature, sea side, mountains and ancient historical places and antic ruins.

Possible to get all the benefits with an all included budget: 213Eur or 270Euro including tournament fee.

– We’ll optionally have an ADCC referee seminar the day before the matches.

P.S. Tournament fee is 60Eur.

3 days Accom for Single room is 210Eur. All inclusive

3 days Accom. For a double room is 306Eur. All inclusive

For the registrations and further information :
email          :  contact@adccturkey.com
Whatsapp :  +90 507 163 50 95  – Alper Alkaya