ADCC Organizer Blasts Athletes Complaining about Pay Money; Exposes The Real Costs of Event

ADCC Organizer Blasts Athletes Complaining about Pay Money; Exposes The Real Costs of Event

Craig Jones recently voiced his concerns regarding the stagnant growth of prize money in the sport, despite its increasing popularity.

In a discussion with The Mac Life, Jones pointed out the diminishing real value of prize money due to inflation, particularly highlighting the unchanged payouts from events such as the ADCC:

Well technically, due to inflation the ADCC prize money is diminished.
$10,000 is worth less today.

I didn’t want to rub it in that bad, but I think I will.

The conversation also touched on broader economic trends, likening the situation to “corporate America” where the disparity between work and compensation continues to grow.

The example of dynamic pricing by companies like Wendy’s was brought up, leading Jones to comment:

Wendy’s deserves it, FloGrappling doesn’t.
I don’t think us athletes do either.

The idea of unionizing was suggested as a possible solution to advocate for better prize money and overall compensation for athletes in the grappling world.

However, Jones humorously noted the potential hurdles:

The average grappler couldn’t spell “union”.

Jones’ comments highlight the need for more substantial financial incentives for competitors…
Especially in prestigious tournaments such as the ADCC – where there is no appearance fee, and athletes compete solely for prize money.

Seth Daniels of F2 Win who organized the last ADCC worlds under Mo Jassim, reacted to what was said by Craig Jones, with this statement which exposed the realities and costs of organizing such an event:

Enjoy this post before @mojassim80 makes me take it down. I’ve Been quiet on social media for a long time, but I’m sick of this shit.

In 2022 the prize money for @adcc_official was $330,600. Venue cost was $662,000. Production cost $413,000 and over $500,000 flying in over 105 athletes from all over the world putting them up at the MGM grand for 4 days, feeding and transporting them. Not to mention flying in all the judges and referees.

It’s truly mind blowing to me how ignorant some people are assuming the event is making millions do the fucking math. We have never made a dollar on a world championship.

Athletes also make money on their sponsorships, video sales , seminars, super fights after and everything else they gain from Adcc exposure.

ADCC worlds is by far the most attended, most watched and greatest grappling event in the world. There is no comparison this is a fact.

If you think you can do better go raise $2,000,000 just to pay for T-Mobile arena not to mention all the other cost and do it your self.