ACBJJ 7 Results Josh Hinger On a Warpath – Stuns With Gogoplata Victory in Finals

ACBJJ 7 Results Josh Hinger On a Warpath – Stuns With Gogoplata Victory in Finals



The latest edition of Berkut jiu jitsu was to take place in Rio De Janeiro. As always Berkut delivered on the talent starring some of the best nogi grapplers in the world.

Present was the current ADCC champion of the world Davi Ramos as well as Claudio Calasans but both came out short faced with stiff competition. One was eliminated by Edwin Najmi, the other by Patrick Gaudio.

Both the 75 kg division and the 85 kg one had plenty of excitement and even a several subs!
Márcio André defeated Arbi Muradov by points
Rodrigo Caporal defeated Marcelo Mafra by split decision
Davi Ramos defeated Luan Carvalho by points
Edwin Najmi defeated Thiago Abreu by darce choke
Márcio André defeated Rodrigo Caporal by points
Edwin Najmi defeated Davi Ramos by RNC



Marcio Andre defeated Edqin Najmi via ref decision – with 5 rounds being scored 0:0! Najmi tried to initiate some stuff but no dice – Andre was adamant to not attack. Najmi didn’t take his bait but sadly in the end that didn’t work out so well as it was announced Andre had defeated Najmi.

As for the 85 kg division:

Josh Hinger defeated Isaque Bahiense by darce choke

Hugo Marques defeated Thiago Sá by points
Arnaldo Maidana defeated Lucas Rocha by arm in guillotine
Patrick Gaúdio defeated Cláudio Calasans

2nd round
Josh Hinger defeated Hugo Marques by guillotine
Arnaldo Maidana defeated Patrick Gaúdio by omoplata


Josh Hinger defeated Arnaldo Maidana by gogoplata after a series of strong performances crowned by a dominant victory in the finals. After creating a dominant lead of 9 points in the 2nd round, Hinger stepped it up a notch further and locked in his weapon of choice – gogoplata/manoplata for the victory!