A New Marketing Tool for BJJ Academies to Get More Students

A New Marketing Tool for BJJ Academies to Get More Students



My Favorite New Marketing Tool For BJJ Academies.


What is it?


Facebook retargeting!


The truth is most website visitors won’t sign up for a free trial on the first visit to your site, even if you do have a great lead capture system in place.  And this is where Retargeting comes in.


What is Facebook Retargeting?


Facebook Retargeting allows you to display ads to previous website visitors right in their Facebook newsfeed.


This leads to highly targeted clicks and a very high conversion rate.  If regular Facebook ads are a shotgun, Retargeting ads are a sniper rifle.  You’ll be picking off new students all day long.


You’re able to specifically target people who have visited your site in the past, which means they had some interest in your gym.  Retargeting keeps you fresh in their mind and your ad with Call To Action keeps temping them to go back to your site and sign up for that awesome free trial.


How Do I Setup My Ad?


  1. Ad Copy

Your ad copy is pretty simple.  Keep it basic and straight to the point.  Let them know what you offer, where you’re located, and hook them with your free trial.


The basic ad I use for most of my clients is simple:


TEXT: “Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in *City Name*.  ONE WEEK FREE!”




NEWS FEED LINK DESCRIPTION: “Train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Get Into Shape, and Have Fun! Click “SIGN UP” Now To Get ONE WEEK FREE!”


And that’s all there is to the ad copy.  Clear and to the point.


facebook-retargeting-bjjee (1)


  1. What Image To Use?

Your image is maybe the most important part of the ad.  It’s what will grab their attention.  A good image can significantly increase the click rates of our ads.


So, what’s the best image to use?  That’s easy, it’s an action shot.


Action shots hands down have given me the best click rates.  So pick a few good action shots and run those with your ads and see which one converts best.


Doing ads for kids martial arts?  That’s fine, use a action shot with kids where they are laughing and having fun.


  1. Call To Action

As always, we utilize a call to action in ALL of our marketing.  “Click “SIGN UP” Now To Get ONE WEEK FREE!” works great.  Throw a Call To Action in your ads and let them do the work for you.



That’s the basic rundown of how we utilize Facebook retargeting for our clients.  Just make sure you are sending all of this traffic to a website with a lead capture system so that you’re not throwing your money away.  If your lead capture isn’t setup correctly then you are wasting money on Facebook ads, but if it is setup correctly, then you now have a great source of new students that is one of the most cost effective marketing channels we have used.





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