65 Year Old BJJ Black Belt and Hells Angels Member Fights Off Burglar

65 Year Old BJJ Black Belt and Hells Angels Member Fights Off Burglar



Glen Heggstad sent quite a message to the men that wanted to burglarize his home over the weekend – don’t mess with me!

Heggstad is a 3rd degree black belt under Joe Moreiera, and he started the school Coachella valley BJJ. His book jacket reads:


“Glen Heggstad went from being the youngest Hells Angel ever voted in, to International Martial Arts champion. He has spent the last two decades traveling the world solo from hitchhiking through Ireland to motorcycling the Third World.”

Which brings us to this weekend’s events. Heggstad spends most weekend at his 37 acre ranch. Sunday, San Diego tribune reports, his first door neighbor and friend Phil Nelissen drove to his land to find the gate broken and the trailer parked near Heggstad’s cabin gone.

Squatters had been there recently, there was evidence of a fire. Nelissen notified the police and Heggstad and other neighbors to be on the look out.

Next morning a black pickup was spotted near the cabin. Heggstad jumped into his truck upon learning this and drove to the cabin.

 “I got down there and sure enough, there was this fool asleep in the truck,” which was filled with stolen chain saws, power tools and other things, he said. “Apparently, they were using my brother’s place (he refers to Nelissen as his brother) as a staging area because they had other stolen goods stashed there.”


Heggstad pounded on the door to be greeted with 36 year old Geoffry Brister swinging.

“How do I put this delicately,” Heggstad said. “I exercised self-defense techniques against him. He took a couple of swings and I did, too, probably more than a couple. I took a pocket knife away from him and finished defending myself.”

“In the course of him attacking me, he probably took the worst beating of his lifetime,” he said.

Heggstad said he wasn’t afraid of getting hurt during the altercation. “I was only afraid he might get away,” he said.

The pickup truck stuffed with stolen items from local cabins

About 20 minutes later the Sheriff’s deputies arrived and received information from Heggstad who had been questioning Brister. This lead the LEO to recover a trailer.

Brister was arrested and hospitalized for broken or severly hurt jaw.

“We’ve been able to tie the suspect to at least three or four other burglaries between Palomar Mountain and Big Bear and possibly more,” Ryan said.