6 ways to maintain and take care of your watch

6 ways to maintain and take care of your watch

Buying a luxury watch is a dream for a lot of people. But not everyone can afford a luxury watch. However, if you’re lucky enough to own a luxury watch, you should properly take care of your watches to get the best value for money. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a prestigious luxury watch. In addition, you should properly maintain your luxury watch after purchase so that your investment is worthwhile. Take good care of your expensive watch to prolong its lifespan. Below are some simple tips to protect your watch from any type of damage:


  1. Follow a maintenance routine for your watch


Your sensitive watch needs special maintenance. Therefore, you should take it with you for repair or cleaning if necessary. If you have IWC watches, you should check it every two or three years. A little maintenance by yourself would increase durability of the watch. In the event you wear your watch every day, make sure you clean it before storing it in the box. After a one-day exposure, your expensive watch will get some dirt, dust and sweat. Simply take a dry cotton cloth and clean it well to remove dust and sweat.


  1. Protect your watch from damage


To extend the life of your watch, always keep it safe from any type of damage. Make sure that your watch does not come into contact with hard objects if you use it for a whole day. Hard objects will tend to destroy the make and materials used to make the watch. When you are not using your luxury timepiece, wrap it well in a soft cloth and store it in a safe place like in your closet.

  1. Temperature

This is another area the owner need to consider. You should never expose your watch in extreme heat or cold for long periods. High heat can shorten the life of the battery, while extremely cold temperatures may make the watch to not control time efficiently.


  1. Do not expose your device to chemicals


In addition to above maintenance tips, you should also avoid exposing your luxury watch with gases, solvents and chemicals. These elements can damage your luxury watch. It is better to keep your gadget out of reach.


  1. Avoid contact with water


Most watches these days are waterproof. But in the event that your expensive watch is not waterproof, avoid contact with water. Even if it accidentally comes into contact with water, wipe and dry it as quickly as possible. And when you are swimming or doing any other water sports, always remember to take it off. This will make your device look new and intact all the time. Similarly, it will prevent the casing and battery from wearing out. That is why it is often recommended to take off the watch when doing water sports.


  1. Always read and follow the manual. 


After buying your luxury watch, read the user-manual carefully and master all the ideas regarding its maintenance. Read and follow the instructions in your watch’s instruction manual to enjoy your watch’s service for many years. All brands offer a complete manual with their watches so people can keep and take care of their watches over time. Regardless of whether you purchase a Fossil watch or any other luxury watch, make sure you enjoy it for years.