6 Things A BJJ Academy Must Have to be Successful


Source: blog.gameness.com

1. Reliable Professors

This is the root and lifeblood of the academy. To have a professor that is able to communicate his techniques properly is a valuable thing indeed. Additionally, he must be dedicated and fulfill the leadership roles as the head of the academy. Without this, the long-term health of the team is in danger.

2. Clean facilities

It is often said that the grungiest gyms produce the best fighters. Perhaps this is true in some instances, but for the most part, if you want to keep your academy sales high, a squeaky clean gym goes a long way – especially if you’re showing your gym to someone who’s never trained in their life – you want them to feel safe from skin infections.

3. A flexible schedule

Academies have to try to cater to as many different people as possible. Gym owners want to create a schedule that will accommodate as many people as possible. This can include different types of classes as well as various options of class times. The more variety on the schedule, the more people you can attract to register with your business.

4. A dedicated sales team

When people walk in your doors for the first time, they have to feel as welcome as possible to the new environment. Some of us have been training for so long that we forget how foreign the inside of an academy can be. There is a wide-open space of mats and dudes in pajamas rolling on them. It’s the salesperson’s task to comfortably explain the entire situation to the guest and show them why BJJ is their best option. Again, high sales will keep an academy healthy.

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