6 Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gyms in the World

6 Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gyms in the World

As more people become interested in jiu-jitsu as a hobby or career, training centers open their doors to new students worldwide. Many college students in the US even give their assignments to essayists from professional paper writing services to write essay for me to make time for jiu-jitsu practice.

But at some point, help from academies with skilled instructors will be necessary to help enthusiasts become jiu-jitsu experts. And that is where this article comes in. It recommends the best jiu-jitsu training centers for anybody looking to grow in martial arts.

Renzo Gracie Academy

Renzo Gracie Academy is a mixed martial arts school run by Renzo Gracie, a close relative of the creators of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Carlos and Helio Gracie. The family’s influence on BJJ is evident in how it evolved floor and combat techniques through the 20th century.

Renzo is a legend in the martial arts world, partly because of his ancestry and also due to his involvement in premier martial arts competitions. He runs the school with John Danaher, famous for no-gi grappling, unique leglocks, and level-headed philosophy.

Their school has gyms in many countries, but the Manhattan center is the most popular. They train jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, and Muay Thai enthusiasts. But if you still need proof of the Renzo Gracie Academy’s excellence, look to its star pupils, Gordon Ryan, Roger Gracie, and GSP.

Atos Jiu-Jitsu School

If you live on the West Coast, you should strongly consider attending Atos Jiu-Jitsu School. Its headquarters is in San Diego, California, and belongs to the renowned Andre Galvao. 

Mr. Andre is arguably one of the best coaches worldwide, and an impressive resume from his competitive days proves that he knows what he’s doing.

This school has trained many world champions in the last ten years. Even if you aren’t in California, you can still learn jiu-jitsu at this school. Registering with the school lets you access over 6,000 videos and sessions for specific jiu-jitsu techniques. There is even a class for children that breaks down jiu-jitsu basics. 

Alliance Jiu-Jitsu

Back in the home of jiu-jitsu, a school has carved its name in BJJ history. This institution began in 1993 and has since gained global prominence due to its technical quality, wholesome environment, and instructors’ professionalism. 

Twenty-five world champions have come from Alliance Jiu-Jitsu, with over 200 branches. Sergio Moraes, Cobrinha, Fernando Terere, Michael Langhi, and Lucas Lepri are some of the students who became world champions.

The well-known gym is in São Paulo, Brazil, and holds classes suitable for beginners and professionals. It will take you through the basics, teaching you the importance of self-defense for jiu-jitsu with techniques you can trace back to Buddhist monks in India.

Tristar Gym

Those living in Canada can train at the Tristar Gym in Montreal. This gym is among the best MMA and BJJ training centers globally and is run by Firas Zahabi. This renowned head coach has trained fighters like game-bred Rory MacDonald in MMA.

Firas earned his blackbelt under John Danaher of Renzo Gracie Academy and has gracefully carried on the jiu-jitsu techniques in Canada. Many internationally-acclaimed fighters like David Loiseau, Denis Kang, and Miguel Torres have used the gym to train for competitions. If you want to learn grappling, visit the Tristar Gym. It will help you improve your fighting skills.

Tristar Gym also teaches Muay Thai, boxing, and wrestling. The BJJ classes are held every Monday through Saturday at noon. There are also BJJ introductory courses for beginners on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Roger Gracie Academy

London is the home of Roger Gracie, one of the most revered grapplers in history. He opened a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school there, training fighters in old-school jiu-jitsu. The Roger Gracie Academy focuses on heavy pressure and core techniques.

The head of the academy, Roger, won championships in nearly all of his competitive years, collecting ten world championship belts before retiring. And since his classic techniques worked flawlessly, he believes that traditional jiu-jitsu remains effective for self-defense today. Therefore, he encourages his students to stick to original jiu-jitsu approaches.

Roger Gracie Academy has a friendly atmosphere. The Brazilian instructors maintain this relaxing environment to ensure students don’t buckle under the pressure of the training. They focus on ground fighting and teach students to use joint locks and chokes to make opponents submit.

Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA is a Singaporean organization for martial arts students. The institution owns the largest gym in Singapore and many other gyms where people can practice jiu-jitsu safely. Even CNN and Fox Sports named Evolve MMA the number 1 martial arts organization in Asia.

You have little to worry about if you’re a newbie. Evolve MMA’s classes have beginner courses to develop your jiu-jitsu foundation. The gyms meet international standards, with modern equipment that will add more dimensions to your training. These factors explain why famous fighters like Matt “The Wizard” Hume and Tyron Woodley chose to train at Evolve MMA during their heyday.

Evolve MMA’s instructors collectively have over 1,000 years of experience while boasting the most world champions of any martial arts school. They will teach you chokeholds, ground and pound, joint lock submissions, ground control, and positioning. Those techniques will help you qualify for amateur or pro-level Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitions locally and internationally.


The school you train at can help you build your jiu-jitsu skills to the point where you can compete and win championships. So, you need to train with the best instructors and at the best BJJ gyms worldwide. The six schools and gyms recommended in this article have the experience and equipment to help you achieve your dream of mastering jiu-jitsu techniques.