5 Reasons Why You Need A Grappling Dummy For MMA Training

5 Reasons Why You Need A Grappling Dummy For MMA Training

Grappling dummies are resilient and allow you to practice without holding back. It improves your precision, speed, muscles, and different techniques.


Mastering mixed martial arts, or MMA, takes a lot of time, practice, discipline, and a few pieces of equipment.


For MMA and other similar training, you will need a partner to spar with. You can practice the physical exercises yourself, but you need a sparring partner to perfect your moves. It will help you improve stamina and upgrade your abilities. 


Finding a partner may not always be available, which is why almost every MMA professional has a grappling dummy at their home or gym. 


These dummies are highly effective, and here are five reasons you need a grappling dummy for MMA training.


1. Your Inanimate Sparring Partner

If you are serious about your training, most of your training sessions will likely begin just when the sun rises (or even before that). At least, this is what the pros recommend.


You may not find people to train with that early in the morning, even if you go to the gym. Even if you do have a partner, they may not like the idea of getting thrown headfirst in the ground first thing in the morning.


Some techniques are also dangerous. If you use them recklessly, you may end up injuring your sparring partner. These accidents can be severe. Having a grappling dummy lets you practice at your own pace and convenience.


Grappling dummies are great for practicing grappling and takedown techniques. You can even use them at your home. Set up some training mats, place the grappling dummy, and start practicing. 


2. Helps Improve Skills

The grappling dummy is not just for practicing grappling techniques. They are also not limited to MMA training sessions. You can try out Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques, leglocks, or even some wrestling moves when you have a grappling dummy at your disposal.


Here are some workout benefits of using a training dummy-

Improves Upper Body Muscles

A workout dummy is not that lightweight, and when you practice those takedowns, you have to use your upper body muscles. This helps you improve those parts – especially the pecs and lats can get a good work out.


You may not require a grappling dummy at the very beginning but once you are ready to train on your own, make sure to buy a dummy to practice new moves and improve them.


Increase Grip Strength

Traditional weight training is not enough when it comes to grip training. When you use barbells or dumbbells, you only use a limited motion to exercise.


Practicing on a grappling dummy exposes you to a complete range of motion and enhances your grip strength.


Posterior Chain

If you are practicing just to stay fit or improve your hamstrings and glutes, then using deadlifts, leg presses, and squats will do just fine.


But for MMA training, these will not be enough since you need to increase your movement speed. Regular deadlifts or leg presses will only increase the muscle. 


However, a grappling dummy will allow you to train your hamstrings, glutes and increase stamina effectively.


Improves Core Muscles

The most important core muscles are the multifidus muscles in the erector spinae and the spine. These are your lower back muscles, and if they are weak, you will not be able to work out to your maximum potential.


Practicing with a training dummy will involve plenty of movements, and it will also enable you to improve your core muscles.


3. Practice Without Holding Back

MMA training can be fierce, and sometimes you have to go all out to put your training to the test. Sometimes even light sparring can be risky.


You may perform a grappling technique and accidentally injure your partner. To avoid this and practice without holding back, you need to use a training dummy.


There are also some moves that you should only apply in serious matches. You have to be very precise to use them, and if you do not practice them daily, you will not be able to master and use them in a real fight.


Having a grappling dummy increases your precision also lets you practice without worrying about injuring your partner.


4. Practice Anywhere, Anytime

When you have your grappling dummy, you do not need to coordinate training schedules. You can even train at your convenience. They are easy to set up and can even be disassembled to take it to another place.


You can also create your own routine when practicing with a grappling dummy. Practice daily to enhance sports performance and muscle memory.


You will be able to practice anywhere you want. All you need are some practicing mats and your grappling dummy, and you can train in your room, garage, or even in the backyard.


5. Different Characteristics

When you consider grappling dummies for MMA training, you have to think about those who do not have stiff limbs. Choose the very versatile one. 


The good ones have the option of changing limb positions. This helps you practice on a more resilient object and improves your muscle memory.


Grappling dummies are also durable, but you should not practice your strikes, punches, or kicks on a dummy repeatedly. You can use sandbags for that. 


The dummies should only be reserved to apply different techniques such as grappling techniques, submissions, leg locks, and joint locks.


Final Thoughts

Grappling dummies are excellent training gears for all levels of MMA fighters. You never know when you have to train, and having a dummy always helps. You also do not have to worry about accidentally injuring your sparring partner when you have a dummy.


However, when purchasing, make sure it has the right weight limit because grappling dummies can sometimes be extremely heavy. Also, make sure the dummy is durable and has changeable limbs.