5 Jobs That Can Build Up Muscle

5 Jobs That Can Build Up Muscle

Many jobs are stationary, like office jobs and some retail positions. If you’re a more active person, these types of careers are likely unappealing to you. 

You want something where you’re on your feet more often or something with heavy lifting to build up arm strength. Luckily for you, there are many different types of jobs in this world that can help with that. Some require more training than others, and some may give you excellent cardio where others will make very day arm day.

Here are a few jobs that can help you build up strength and muscle.

1 – Construction

Jobs like builders and contractors allow you to move around relatively often and usually involve heavy lifting of building materials and equipment. This job is hard work, but it will build up muscle and keep you strong, all while making you money. 

Some states require a license if you do contract work, which you can get from many places, like at CTC. Others require background checks like “regular” jobs. Either way, it’s an excellent choice for staying healthy and active. 

2 – Moving Company

Speaking of heavy lifting, very few jobs lift as much as movers do. Whether it is simply some boxes full of clothes or delicate dishes, to a three-piece living room sectional, movers are always on the go and still building muscle and core strength. You’ll never be bored at a moving company, which is also a bonus. If you want a job that builds up your arms and core, this is the right choice for you.

3 – Stock

Doing stock at places like supermarkets or other retailers also involves a lot of lifting, moving, and walking. All of these things make for a well-rounded workout, and you would get paid to do it, too. Some stores have stock delivered to them, meaning you will be taking things off the truck to the sales floor or shelves. Sometimes you may be asked to go to the shipping yard. Either way, there’s a lot of movement and hefting bulky items, so you can quickly build up strength.

4 – Firefighter

This job is a little more of a time and future investment than the others on the list, but it’s still a great choice. Not only is it a public service job, but it also requires a lot of strength and stamina to achieve success. It is by no means an easy job, and it is not without dangers. However, if you want to do something big, that will also help you bulk up, this could be the option for you. Most places require a high school degree and some certifications. 

5 – Personal Trainer

This is the obvious choice. If you’re in great shape and want to stay in great shape, why not encourage others to do the same? As a personal trainer, you can make decent money and do your own workouts while helping others achieve their fitness goals. If you have the drive, make working out your actual job instead of looking for something else. However, not everyone can do that, which is why it’s great that there are other options.


A desk job or cashier is not enough to help you build up muscles on the job. You want something on-the-go and physically involved. This list is not complete by any means, but all of these jobs are physically demanding and can help you get and stay in shape. Start your job hunt now and find the perfect physical job for you. 

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