3 Superfoods to Include in Your 2019 Diet

3 Superfoods to Include in Your 2019 Diet

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As the New Year draws closer, you start hearing resolutions left and right. People are suddenly inspired to take their life in another direction. Among those resolutions, many people hope to exercise more and eat healthier. But, many find out early on, that that can be easier said than done.

It’s easy to wish for a better diet. For those who don’t quite know where to begin, consider changing your diet to something more inclusive of nutrient-heavy foods, typically referred to as “superfoods.” Superfoods come in a wide variety of forms and can help with a vast array of health facets.


A new, up and coming superfood is haritaki. Haritaki is a lesser known fruit compared to the other more popularized fruits in the West, resulting in it flying under the radar most often than not, despite the extensive health benefits it offers.

Like most superfoods, the benefits of haritaki are far-reaching, spanning from the assistance of diabetes to the reduction of skin problems. Haritaki can relieve a wide range of health complications, including but not limited to detoxification of the digestive system, cleaning the urinary tract, strengthening heart muscles, and improving brain function. It also comes in natural, dried, powder, or pill forms for your convenience.

As far as its impact on the brain goes, haritaki is notable for its ability to enhance neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, both of which are brain features that can culminate faster performance and higher efficiency.


Blueberries are perhaps the most well-known superfood. These deep-colored berries are nutrient-based and healthy. They are very low calorie with plentiful in antioxidants. They stave off the aging process, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, and, like haritaki, improve brain function. And this is just a fraction of their benefits.

Another significant aspect to keep in mind is the accessibility and deliciousness of blueberries. Not only are they extremely good for your bodily functions, but they can be purchased at nearly any local grocery store and eaten plain or put in waffles, pancakes, muffins, the like. Many people of all ages love blueberries, so not only are they a smart thing to include in your diet, but they will be enjoyable too, the whole way through.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic superfood, partly because they can be paired with many ingredients in the kitchen. Whether baked, as fries, or layered with marshmallows, sweet potatoes are a thoroughly enjoyable food for everyone. In fact, it has been found that cooking sweet potatoes makes them even higher in vitamin C-content. This factor makes them that much more appealing, considering their nutritional value is amplified.

They contain a large amount of important minerals, such as iron, calcium, vitamin B, and, as mentioned, vitamin C. Additionally, they are a reliable source of fiber and provider of antioxidants. They also supply collagen, a mineral used for battling signs of aging in a lot of beauty care products. Sweet potatoes can regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, work against inflammation that has been linked to many chronic illnesses, and even reduce the risk of cancer.

Final Thoughts

Your diet is a substantial part of your body, and that is important to remember as your body dictates your physical, mental, and emotional health. By making healthy, deliberate choices every time you eat, you are valuing the sustenance that goes into your body and ultimately makes you you. While your new year’s resolution may be temporary, this fact is timeless.

Superfoods are an objectively positive element to incorporate into your daily life. They have more advantages than disadvantages, and there is enough variety for there to be at least one superfood for everyone.

As you ring in the new year, take inventory of what you want to change in your life. But, most importantly, make sure you are treating your body with as much respect as it, and you, deserve.

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