10 High Percentage Set Up For The Kimura Trap

10 High Percentage Set Up For The Kimura Trap

Kimura trap system is widely credited to David Avellan, ADCC bronze medalist and a man of many other accomplishments!

The kimura trap system is designed as a powerful submission system that counters a number of common guard situations quite effectively. Among them single leg takedown, half guard, turtle guard and others.

Long Island MMA just had Kimura month and many Long Island MMA Coaches and fighters show some of their favorite variations of the technique.

Fighters and coaches included in this video are: Dennis Bermudez UFC featherweight, Long Island MMA’s first Black Belt Billy Hofacker, LIMMA Middleweight Champ Eric Ott, LIMMA heavyweight Champ Jahsua Marsh, LIMMA head wrestling coach Kyle Ceminara, LIMMA leg lock coach Rob Diggle, LIMMA Pro Bellator fighter Hugh Mckenna, LIMMA grappling coach Brian Michelino, LIMMA grappling coach Brent A, LIMMA owner Gregg DePasqaule

-Kimura roll up from side control
-Sacrifice throw with Kimura grip, to cross side Kimura
-Kimura from closed guard to triangle
-Kimura back trap to arm-lock
-Knee block TD to north-south Kimura
-Opponent defends Kimura by standing to inside heel-hook
-Kimura spin to back-take from Z-guard
-Reverse crucifix to black Kimura
-Opponent defending Kimura, shoulder roll to black Kimura
-Opponent goes to knees from Kimura, Rip back, cross side finish, and suicide Kimura

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