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(Video) First Omoplata Finish In UFC History From BJJ Black Belt Ben Saunders

(Video) First Omoplata Finish In UFC History From BJJ Black Belt Ben Saunders



Ben Saunders, is an American mixed martial artist who currently fights in the Welterweight division of the UFC.

Ben is a BJJ black belt under the legendary Ricardo Liborio of American Top Team.

His long-awaited return to the UFC was successful and he also set a record.

After a lengthy Bellator MMA run following his first UFC stint, Saunders (17-6-2 MMA, 5-3 UFC made the most of his return fights and used the rare omoplata to earn a quick submission win over promotional newcomer Chris Heatherly (8-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC).

It was the first submission win of its kind in UFC history.

Check out the GIF showing the set up and finish:



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16 thoughts on “(Video) First Omoplata Finish In UFC History From BJJ Black Belt Ben Saunders

  1. Mateo Cuesta

    He trained with EDDIE BRAVO for this fight! The omoplata set-up was done from basic rubber guard, chill dog! I find it unprofessional and weak that this article fails to mention that! 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu all the way

  2. Dustin Sandoval

    Steve Marcello Arce Right on i just watched it on youtube and it turnes out it wasnt a UFC fight anyhow.

  3. Victor Pereira

    hahahaha fanboy! Yes Eddie Bravo invented the omoplata.. "Ben is a BJJ black belt under the legendary Ricardo Liborio of American Top Team."

  4. Haven Lewis

    Victor Pereira, he didn't invent the Omoplata but he is responsible fr the set up used in this fight Ricardo Liborio is one of the greatest bjj guys ever, extremely underrated. But Saunders really did train with Eddie for this fight and the omoplata set up used was a rubber guard set up. Call Mateo whatever you want, but don't prove to be just another hater the second you post a comment

  5. Victor Pereira

    Haven Lewis why hater? what makes somebody get a technique, to put in use in such a situation, is his 10 years experience doing bjj and not something that you learned in 1 month…its kind say that anderson silva learned the frontal kick from steven segal and that should be mentioned in after every win using it, otherwise the reporters are "unprofessional"? btw such omoplata were being executed years before by nino schembri.. and guess what? there was no Eddie Bravo. TL;DR: He won using omoplata, he won using bjj. period

  6. Mateo Cuesta

    Victor Pereira What's your fucking problem? Did you see the set up from the rubber guard or not ? Besides I'm not saying eddie invented the omoplata, don't put words in my mouth! He DID train with Saunders for this fight, he was on his corner, did you see that? The level of control from Jiu Claw (eddie's omoplata position), is very legit, have you felt it? Sweaty and with NO GI, it is the best way to control and actually finish the omoplata. Maybe why no other BJJ black belt had finished an omoplata IN THE UFC before. And you don't know shit, of course a BJJ clack belt can learn new techniques and actually train and try to implement in their game. Eddie taught Shinya Aoki a bunch of rubber guard and 10th planet techniques, which he actually used in fights after training with him. He didn't teach Aoki BJJ or Judo, but taught him some specific techniques which he then implemented in his MMA / No Gi game… It's all on tape, look it up.

  7. Haven Lewis

    Victor Pereira Don't you think it's a bit of a coincidence that Ben Saunders has never pulled rubber guard in a fight until this one and that he trained with Eddie Bravo for this camp? Eddie Bravo was in his corner even. So all the BJJ fundamentalists that claim that rubber guard just doesn't work, now all of a sudden it does work and it was part of the system the entire time? No one trains at a training camp for ONE month for a fight lol and there have been numerous situations where an athlete in the UFC trains at a different camp and picks up a technique that he uses in his next fight. Happens all the time. The difference between Anderson's front kick and this is a front kick to the face in muay thai is common place. Watch K-1 or WMC, or any Lumpinee/Rajadamnern fights, plenty of front kicks to the face. Now look at MMA and BJJ competitions, do you see a lot of rubber guard? NO. Omoplatas are common place, but that set up is not something you see at mundials or ADCC. Nino doing it first has nothing to do with whether or not Ben trained that position and set up with Eddie. Eddie's approach to the guard in mma is even considered taboo in some bjj gyms. However, Ricardo Liborio has had Eddie come teach seminars at AKA in the past. You can train jiu jitsu your entire life and still not know certain moves, positions, concepts, etc. Training for 10 years doesn't mean you're all of a sudden a master of every grappling system out there. First omoplata finish of his career, first time using rubber guard set up in his pro-fights, trained with Eddie prior to the fight. That's all I need to know to make the assumption.

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