Royce Gracie Training Elbow Strikes For Shamrock Fight

Royce Gracie Training Elbow Strikes For Shamrock Fight


UFC Hall of Famer and current Bellator MMA brand ambassador Royce Gracie (48 yrs old) will face Ken Shamrock (51 yrs old) in a trilogy fight on Bellator in February 19, 2016 in Hosuton, Texas.

Also announced for the card was a heavyweight fight between Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson (5-2 MMA, 1-0 BMMA) and his former friend and bodyguard Dhafir Harris (2-0 MMA, 0-0 BMMA) – “Dada 5000.”

Royce has already started his training camp in California. He’s training with his younger brother Royler. Gracie will fight around 180 pounds and Shamrock is expected to be around 200 lbs just like during his last fight vs Kimbo Slice.

About the second match that ended in a draw after 30 mins:

“I said sure. Let’s finish this, man, I’m gonna beat him up one more time just to show the first time wasn’t a fluke. The second time he just sit on me for 30 minutes and put the crowd to sleep.”

About the size difference, Royce stated that it wasn’t a problem:

“Nope, not at all, man. I’ve got plenty of heavyweights to train with.”

“I think the Royce today would have beat the Royce 20 years ago. I’ve been thinking about that. More experience. Back then, I was using a lot of talent. Now, I’ve got the talent and experience. I’ve got more endurance today and I’m the same weight.”

“Wouldn’t you love to watch Mike Tyson fight Holyfield again? As long as the guys can do it, man. As long as we can do it, as long as we’re both healthy, we’re both ready to do it. They make it sound like we’re 100 years old, man. They make it sound like, ‘Oh the guys are so old.’ Hey, any given day, man. Let’s go for a run.”

“He’s chasing that win and I’m chasing to put an end to this. Maybe I’ll retire him now.

“If I can do it in 30 seconds, I’ll do it. But I don’t think it’ll be in 30 seconds. I’ll torture him first.”

Royce Gracie training his Muay Thai elbow strikes: