Freestyle Wrestler Enters Judo Tournament, Wins Using Pure Wrestling

Freestyle Wrestler Enters Judo Tournament, Wins Using Pure Wrestling

Here is an interesting video showing a freestyle wrestler entering a Judo tournament.

He is able to dominate by using typical wrestling techniques such as far side cradle, three quarter Nelson, near side cradle, and finishes with a pin winning by ippon.

As a result of Judokas with Wrestling background, The International Judo federation IJF has banned leg grabs in Judo, turning it into Greco Roman with a Gi + submissions. Freestyle Wrestling tends towards lower body takedowns (single and double leg) while judo focuses on trips and throws, but wrestling does have throws, and judo does (or used to in competition) have leg takedowns.

Neither one is more effective. It depends entirely on the fighters, and particularly how well they’ve translated their judo/wrestling to a grappling competition.

Recently a lot of BJJ players have been cross training in Wrestling more than Judo, Buchecha, Romulo Barral, Edwin Najmi, Dillon Danis, Bernardo Faria etc…


Here are are the five reasons:

  1. A lot of the Wrestling takedowns are low risk-high reward- Single leg, high crotch etc are low risk- high reward under the IBJJF rules set vs a Judo throw which is high risk high reward. A lot of times you are giving up your back for a Seoi Nage or a Harai Goshi when you’re turning into a BJJ player.
  2. There’s less of a learning curve for Wresting than for Judo. It takes years to learn and master Judo whereas a BJJ player after a few months of Wrestling can develop a respectable takedown game. Judo techniques are extremely technical and require endless repetition and timing. Another important point, if someone has bad wrestling takedowns but his opponent has worse takedown defense, he will still be able to take him down 9 times out of 10. This is not the case in with Judo throws.
  3. Current Judo rules limit success in BJJ. Modern Judo doesn’t allow leg grabs, have restricted gripping rules which make it less accessible to BJJ.
  4. The Judogi makes it difficult to bridge the gap to No Gi BJJ.
    Judo is difficult to apply to No Gi BJJ without tweaking it with Wrestling.
  5.  A lot of Judo clubs (unless they are high level) lack the ‘grind mentality’ that Wrestling has. That Wrestling grind really helps in a sport like BJJ, where it’s very static strength, meticulous and slow. In Judo, you don’t have to apply that pressure all the time. It’s more explosive strength.


The Wrestler in the video is using the white belt, the Judoka has the red belt:

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