AL LEONE: The #1 Choice Of BJJ Apparel For Grappling Addicts

AL LEONE: The #1 Choice Of BJJ Apparel For Grappling Addicts

What do you usually look for, when searching for BJJ gear? Especially gi and no-gi?

Yeah… Probably for a good balance between quality and pricing, as well as for great reviews and shipping times.
Well, AL LEONE has it all. As well as two other, extremely important things.

Purpose. And passion.



AL LEONE is a relatively young brand, started in 2020 – the toughest year for Jiu-Jitsu so far.
And the reason why they survived? Simple: because they are driven by a common passion.

By the passion of living an active and healthy lifestyle; combined with the purpose of delivering unique, high-quality, and comfortable gear for BJJ practitioners worldwide.

The brand is driven by a simple motto: „Mens sana in corpore sano“, latin for: „A healthy mind in a healthy body“.
Which is why AL LEONE optimizes in latest sportswear technology to create high-quality, comfortable and practical gear – built especially with grapplers in mind.

They emphasize:

We control our manufacturing at every stage.
That is why each of our garments – rashguards, shorts, kimonos, and more – is crafted with elaborate detail.

And why we make sure that the quality is tailored-made for high performance and for extraordinary durability.

Underlining their commitment to athletes, the AL LEONE team adds:

We are dedicated to supporting both the up-and-coming and the already established athletes.
For example, since recently we’re sponsors of none other than Craig Jones.


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In the ocean of various BJJ gear brands, it’s important to understand why one is better than the other.
And AL LEONE is among the best.

So, here are several reasons why you should choose AL LEONE.
Their BJJ sportswear is:

  • unique in aesthetics, with a minimalistic style;
  • durable for even the most intensive training;
  • made from a standard of strength and quality;
  • protective against injury during combat;
  • effective for all levels of training;
  • with long-lasting wearability.

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