Quintet 4: Craig Jones Carries B-Team To Victory

Quintet 4: Craig Jones Carries B-Team To Victory

At Yokohama Arena in Japan on September 10, the B-Team won the title at Quintet 4 – secured by a standout performance from team captain Craig Jones.
The team faced off against Team Polaris and Team 10th Planet.

In the semifinals, the B-Team – based in Austin, Texas – had a series of draws against Team Polaris.
Despite no submissions occurring in the bouts, the B-Team exhibited dominance; securing a victory through a decision that ushered them into the finals against 10th Planet, who had previously beat Team Sakuraba.

The finals started off in pretty much the same way, with consecutive draws.
However, the atmosphere shifted dramatically when Craig Jones entered the mat.

In a remarkable display of skill, Jones achieved a superb Toe Hold submission against 10th Planet’s veteran, Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez, in the third face-off.


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Then, Jones submitted Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez with a decisive Armbar finish.

And finally, despite a slowdown during his confrontation with Kyle Boehm – a respected ADCC veteran – Jones managed to secure a draw… Ensureing B-Team’s championship victory!



10th Planet vs. Sakuraba

  • PJ Barch defeats Tomoshige Sera (Rear Naked Choke)
  • PJ Barch vs. Kazushi Sakuraba – draw
  • Richie Martinez vs. Haisam Rida – draw
  • Geo Martinez vs. Daisuke Nakamura – draw
  • Kyle Boehm vs. Harry Grech – draw

B-Team vs. Polaris

  • Nick Rodriguez vs. Owen Livesey – draw
  • Jay Rodriguez vs. Jed Hue – draw
  • Jozef Chen vs. Tarik Hopstock – draw
  • Nicky Ryan vs. Santeri Lilius – draw
  • Craig Jones vs. Gregor Gracie – draw

10th Planet vs. B-Team

  • Amir Allam vs. Jay Rodriguez – draw
  • PJ Barch vs. Nick Rodriguez – draw
  • Craig Jones defeats Richie Martinez (Toe Hold)
  • Craig Jones defeats Geo Martinez (Armbar)
  • Kyle Boehm vs. Craig Jones – draw