Paige VanZant Isn’t Giving Up On Her BKFC Career: “I Didn’t Get To Prove Myself”

Paige VanZant Isn’t Giving Up On Her BKFC Career: “I Didn’t Get To Prove Myself”

Paige VanZant – the former UFC star and current bare knuckle fighter & OnlyFans model – has been navigating a complex path in her career, marked by both anticipation and unforeseen setbacks.

After a hiatus of over two years from the ring, her much-awaited comeback in August 2022 was abruptly cancelled.
The cancellation of her BKFC bout just days before the scheduled event in London plunged her into a state of frustration, as she shared in a revealing interview with MMA Fighting:

For me to get the call that the fight got pulled — a fight I was so ready for, and I was so excited about.

I cut all the weight early, because I knew I would be traveling, I would be flying all the way to London.
My dad was already in London waiting for me.

It was depressing, and then trying to figure out how to get right back into a fight camp and not knowing when their next fight camp would be.

VanZant was anxious to get back on the winning streak, as her last win was back in 2019:

That’s the thing, I didn’t even get to fight. I didn’t get to prove myself.
I didn’t get to go out and just do what I love. The fight camp is the struggle.

You go in, you struggle, you lose weight, you work so hard and you sacrifice so much throughout your day to day to prepare for something, and to have it just taken away from you, it’s just frustrating.

Despite these setbacks, VanZant keeps working towards her goals.
She has been exploring various avenues outside the ring – including running a popular OnlyFans page, working on a podcast with her husband, and giving a shot in professional wrestling.