Mikey Musumeci “Obsessed” Over How He’s Going To Tap Out Jarred Brooks

Mikey Musumeci “Obsessed” Over How He’s Going To Tap Out Jarred Brooks

The submission grappling match between Mikey Musumeci and Jarred Brooks is fast approaching…
And both athletes are excited about their ONE Championship bout.

Though, self-admittedly, Musumeci didn’t expect the match to take place at all.
Here’s what he shared in a recent interview with ONE:

I’m on Instagram one day. All of a sudden I get tagged in this video and it’s Jarred Brooks, the current ONE Strawweight World Champion, saying he wants to do a grappling match with me.

I see this video and I’m, like: “Wow, I didn’t expect this.”
But yeah, that’s how this match came about.

Musumeci is aware that Brooks is going to “come after him” as an MMA fighter. With a different mentality that he’s used to.
But he sees it as a challenge:

What excites me about this match is, again, I love the feeling of uncomfortability — something different.
Jarred’s going to give me a different look, a different feeling than what I’m used to with Jiu-Jitsu people.

He’s going to come out as an MMA person.
He’s going to come out with a different aggression.

And I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how I respond to that, because I only train with Jiu-Jitsu people.

He has respect for the title challenger… Though he’ll give it his all to get the tap:

MMA guys are always very difficult to finish, so I’ve just been obsessing about how I’m going to finish him.
And I feel like I’m ready to finish him in any part of the match. The legs, the arms, a choke — anywhere it goes, I’m prepared.

But again, I respect Jarred so much and that’s why I’m preparing so much for him right now.

The match between Mikey Musumeci and Jarred Brooks takes place on August 4.


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