Lucas Lepri Gets Inducted Into IBJJF Hall Of Fame

Lucas Lepri Gets Inducted Into IBJJF Hall Of Fame

Lucas Lepri is one of the most decorated Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the world and a 9x World Champion. Yesterday, he received yet another recognition for his successes; this time by the IBJJF itself, who inducted him into the IBJJF Hall of Fame!
Lucas was more than grateful, not just for the recognition but also for the effort he invested along the way:

How long would you overcome pain and learn from defeats in pursuit of your dreams? I’ve been dedicating myself to Jiu-Jitsu for 22 years, the work of a lifetime dedicated to the sport.
I faced difficult years in my life, with many ups and downs, becoming stronger with each challenge, breaking records and improving the level of my performance each year.

I always knew my responsibility as a high-level athlete. And I’ve tried to leave a good example for new generations, besides the techniques, what in my point of view is the most value that we can learn from martial arts, as respect, resilience, discipline and dedication.

I received this letter from @IBJJF for the induction to Hall of Fame and I am honored to be able to write my name in the history alongside with these selected group of great names in the sport.
Work hard, have fun and make history.

BJJEE wants to take this opportunity to congratulate Lucas Lepri for yet another fantastic achievement!


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