Gordon Ryan Reveals How His Brother, Nicky Ryan, Got His Name

Gordon Ryan Reveals How His Brother, Nicky Ryan, Got His Name

In a heartwarming birthday tribute to his mother on Instagram, Gordon Ryan shared a nostalgic photograph from his childhood featuring himself and his mother.

The post, however, held more than just birthday wishes…
It also revealed the story behind Nicky Ryan’s – his brother’s – name.

Gordon Ryan captioned the photo, expressing his gratitude and love for his mother:

Happy birthday to the best momma I could ask to have. Hope you enjoy it.
P.S.: Nicky Ryan I’d named after that baby doll.

Their mom commented as well:

Yes indeed Nicky Ryan is named after that baby doll.
Your favorite toy.

Raised in Marlboro, NJ, the Ryan brothers now reside in Austin, Texas.
Gordon Ryan competes out of New Wave, while Nicky is one of the main B-Team members.

Whether they’ll reunite soon still remains a mystery, however.
Back in the day, Nicky Ryan revealed that the two didn’t speak for a while:

Definitely initially, during the initial split, we definitely hated each other at the beginning.
But it’s definitely started to calm down.

Actually, just prior to all this social media drama that’s going on currently, he had reached out to me.
And it was literally the first time that we actually talked since the split happened.

So, we didn’t talk to each other for, what is it now, almost two years?
And that was the first time we interacted again.

He wasn’t aggressive towards me, I wasn’t aggressive towards him, we were cracking some jokes, so…
Hopefully, the animosity is going down.