Gordon Ryan Got Pulled Over By Police: “Enjoy This Experience”

Gordon Ryan Got Pulled Over By Police: “Enjoy This Experience”

Gordon Ryan was recently pulled over by police officers…
And it wasn’t just a laid back, but also quite a humorous moment!

Ryan was happy with how the interaction with the officers went overall, giving them credit for their professionalism:

To the officers who pulled me over, thank you for doing your job properly and being respectful.

All we see nowadays in the media and on social media are confrontial moments between citizens and police, but this isn’t how the world works most of the time.

In most cases, if you treat these men and women how you’d like to be treated, they return the favor.
I am very open about my support for law enforcement and small government who run the day to day things.

He then jokingly commented on what the police officers had to say about his bald tires:

Enjoy this experience with these kind officers who did make fun of my bald tires, just like Instagram.

The first officer didn’t know who I was, but found out as we started talking, and when his partner pulled up he said: “Hey i know that guy.”

We talked about the truck and why it was this dirty.

Thanks for being awesome, guys, and thanks to all my law enforcement friends for keeping us safe.