WATCH: Grappling Competitor Bites His Opponent During a Smother at ADCC UK

WATCH: Grappling Competitor Bites His Opponent During a Smother at ADCC UK

At a recent ADCC tournament in the UK, an intense grappling match took an unexpected turn, sparking mixed reactions within the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community. During the competition, one athlete resorted to a blatant biting foul after his opponent employed a controversial face covering maneuver.

Video of the match circulating online captured the intense grappling between the two competitors. The athlete in the yellow outfit had skillfully secured his opponent’s back, attempting a rear naked choke. When met with a defensive chin tuck, the yellow outfit opted for a disputable tactic, smothering his opponent’s face to expose the neck.
In retaliation, the gray outfit took drastic measures by biting the arm covering his face. The opponent reacted with a scream upon seeing the gruesome bite mark on his hand after the match concluded. The reddish mark and distinct teeth indentations emphasized the severity of the infraction.
The referee promptly recognized the illegal action. However, the gray outfit feigned surprise, acting unaware of the prohibition. He even sought confirmation from the referee, arguing his opponent was smothering his face.
Biting is strictly prohibited under BJJ rules, in accordance with the sport’s principles and due to potential for serious injury. Such behaviors are considered fouls, inviting penalties and possibly disqualification from competitions in severe cases.

Following the video’s widespread sharing online, the BJJ community voiced condemnation towards the gray outfit for resorting to an illegal action causing harm. Fans expressed disbelief at the feigned ignorance of the biting rule.
Debate emerged within the BJJ community regarding sportsmanship and adherence to rules during intense competition. Some questioned the initiation of the controversial face covering tactic. However, others argued face coverings may be allowed depending on the specific tournament’s ruleset.
The incident sparked discussion around ensuring athlete safety and upholding integrity within the sport.

Biting after a smothering attempt in ADCC UK
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